sometimes the windshield, sometimes the bug (rindi) wrote in bananasandkiwis,
sometimes the windshield, sometimes the bug

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Kolie decided that I should post something here. Thus, I am posting. *nods* :D
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I like your icon.

It's fun to say (and type) your name like that. :P

The little icon for Semagic is purple. *nods*

Why did you make this a protected entry? :-( It's sad. Well, not really. But kind of.
Yes really, you should not make it protected in here. Then only people who are members can read it (and I note that Larry and Izzy are not members but may be watching anyways).
I like my icon too. :)

*tries it* Jackieeeeeeeeeeeee.... yes, that is fun.

Purple. Yup.

Apparently I automatically click on the "security level" and set it to friends every time I post, which is why it was protected. *will remember not to do that in the future*