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Rachel made me post this. So there. :-P

[21:20] koliebo: "I read Playboy for the articles and watch Porn for the music" *is amused*
[21:21] you1found1waldo1: kolie!!
[21:21] you1found1waldo1: if you ever played music that was in a porno
[21:21] koliebo: omg
[21:21] you1found1waldo1: you could say you performed in a porn
[21:21] koliebo: omg!!!
[21:21] you1found1waldo1: and it'd still be classy!
[21:21] koliebo: rofl!!!!!
[21:21] you1found1waldo1: i'd be honored to hear you in a porn
[21:22] koliebo: i'm still laughing
[21:22] you1found1waldo1: especially, onb the credits
[21:22] you1found1waldo1: it's read
[21:22] you1found1waldo1: decorative piano: Nichole Boaz
[21:22] koliebo: roflmao...
[21:23] koliebo: this is one of those times that it would be a baaaaad thing if my parents heard me laughing and decided to ask what I'm laughing about
[21:23] you1found1waldo1: hehe, :-D
[21:23] you1found1waldo1: "peter and i are just talking about me being in a porn..."
[21:23] you1found1waldo1: cause that would make them like me more
[21:23] you1found1waldo1: :)
[21:23] koliebo: OMGLOL
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